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Hi (trusted person),

it’s (Plan Creator), and you are getting this (text or email) because you are one of the most influential people in my life and I would like you to be one of my Trusted Individuals “If I Die”. Making sure my family, friends and loved ones are taken care of “When I Die” is being handled by this web-based program I have purchased from a company called Asset Planet. This program is accessible anywhere in the world with Internet connection, and makes a challenging process much easier for those I leave behind.

There is no cost to you as one of my Trusted individuals, but there is a responsibility to possibly activate the program should you be the first to learn about my death. After the activation process has begun you would be part of a team of other Trusted Individuals to maximize how you can collaborate to make my death easier on everyone.

The web-based process is linear and designed by experienced financial professionals who got tired of watching the chaos that often surrounds someone passing. (optional) This need for care is amplified when you are the (matriarch or patriarch) of a family which carries great responsibility and I am very appreciative of our relationship and believe you are one of the best people to help in a time of need. You can access this program from anywhere with an Internet connection and is best viewed with a tablet or larger monitor – vs a phone. There is nothing to break or worry about doing wrong so there is low stress around tech or financial literacy.

All you have to do is remember the websites or and this program relies on your cell phone text for 2FA verification due to the private nature of the topic. No need for complicated forms or personal information, just your name and phone number.

You must apply and be approved before accessing the agent sale site.

Currently beta testing sign-up for 1st release

Write us if any question

Trusted Individuals – Anybody chosen by a Plan Creator who then accepts the honor to support a friend, colleague, or family member to deliver a positive legacy.  If a Trusted Individual is on multiple plans, they will have a unique dashboard allowing them to log into various plans. Professionals such as lawyers, doctors, and financial advisers are likely to be involved in multiple plans, plus there is always that great friend that multiple people genuinely trust.  Everyone accepting the role of Trusted Individual is incredible, and Asset Planet is here to help when needed.

Plan Creator – Each plan is based on a single Creator designed to meet their needs.  Plan Creators can adjust, modify, revoke privileges, and act as the plan’s Super Administrator. Plan Creators are the only ones to lock and unlock features for viewers and other users. Plan Creators are the only ones that can order products or services from within the program. Audio or video messages cannot be altered by anybody other than by the Plan Creator.